Classical Music for Special Occasions
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{Do you play outdoors?}
Yes, we play outdoors frequently and on occasion on the beach*.  Due to nature of our instruments, our requirements are as follows.  The instruments must not be placed in direct sunlight or any precipitation (rain or mist). While mature trees can provide ample shade, please keep in mind the “residual rain effect” which may occur under them once the rain has stopped.  In addition should temperature drop below 64°F we require that heating be provided in order to assure the safety of our instruments.  *Please contact us for more information regarding beach events.

{How do I choose music for my Wedding Ceremony?}
A music consultation in person, via email or phone is offered to help you select and personalize the music you desire. In addition to the list of most requested selections and the sound samples we have on the repertoire page we would be happy to mail to you our demo CD in order to assist you farther with the music selection process. You are always welcome to call and/or email us with your questions.
{Do you use amplification?}
We rarely need to use amplification during a Wedding Ceremony even outdoors.  However, if you are expecting large number of people at your event (party, reception, cocktail hour) you may want to consider contracting a sound system provider.

{What do you require at the venue?}
We simply request that an adequate number of straight back, armless chairs be set up at your pre-designated location prior to our arrival on site.  We may also require access to an electric outlet for use of stand lights as needed.  (For outdoor events please see Do you play outdoors? for additional requirements).

{A piece I want is not listed, can you play it?}
The repertoire list on our site is only a sampler of what we have available.  If you do not see the selection you have in mind please ask as we may have it in our extensive library.  Should we however not have the particular selection requested, we will do our best to locate the piece and play it for a nominal fee based on the cost of the sheet music and an arranging fee, if necessary. Arranging fees are based on the length and complexity of the piece.

{I want to have a vocalist at my event, would you provide accompaniment?}
When ever possible we would be happy to do so as an ensemble. To ensure a quality performance rehearsal time must be scheduled with the vocalist.  We recommend scheduling time immediately before the start of the Prelude. Rehearsal and any necessary sheet music arrangements will require an addition fee.

{Do you attend wedding rehearsals?}
We generally do not attend wedding rehearsal.  We obtain the information needed to keep things running smoothly as part of the music consultation.  On the actual day of your Wedding Ceremony we arrive on site 20 to 30 minuets early to review any last minute changes, etc. with your coordinator or officiate.

{We are ready to book!  What’s next?}
Within a few days we will send out a contract containing the information we have discussed.  Once you have reviewed the contract, we ask that your return a signed copy along with a deposit to Strand Strings.  After you have had a chance to listen to our demo CD and have drawn up your music wish list we would either meet in person or otherwise discuss you music program requests.  To ensure clarity we will contact you for a final consultation reviewing music selections, and all detail pertaining to date, time and venue for your special occasion.